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Advanced AWT Menu Bar

Licensing & Registration

Licensing the Advanced AWT Pop-up Menu Bar Applet is both easy and quick. We currently offer the following three licensing agreements, which we feel should cover most uses. If however you are unsure about which license type you require then please write to us at giving us a brief description of your intended use, and we will be happy to advise.

Buy and Download, immediately following the online transaction you will be re-directed to the software download page. Within minutes you could be installing & implementing.

Standard License - Single Location license.

This license enables the use of the software for the following purposes,

i) Any number of web sites / pages belonging to a single organisation or individual.
ii) Any number of intranet sites / pages belonging to a single organisation or individual.
iii) Placing upon a CD where the product is used for the navigation of that CD, regardless of how many copies of that CD are distributed.
(e.g. 6000 CD-ROM's with the same thing on each CD-ROM).

Buy and Download now Click Here.

Professional License - Multiple Location license
(buy once implement anywhere !)

This license enables the use of the software for the following purposes,

i) For developers and designers who make web applications or multiple websites, for multiple organisations or people.
ii) For placing on a CD ROM where the product forms part of a package to be installed.
iii) For placing on multiple issues of CD ROM's.

Buy and Download now Click Here.

Source Code License

For most implementations the source code is not generally necessary, however for those who wish to customize the functionality, incorporate into a larger java application or simply out of interest we offer the software package complete with all source code documented.

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