Welcome to the Advanced Menu Bar.

We have built in many configurable features and functions to this applet and as such, this documentation is designed to give both a full understanding of every feature and enable you to implement the applet quickly and easily. We have also provided a series of examples, so that when viewed in order, they give a basic tutorial with each successive example introducing more features. (To view the examples click here.)

Note: If you are using the evaluation version then a pop-up window will appear upon the startup of the applet. This feature has been removed in the licensed version. Licensing information can be found at

Security Warning Dialogue
This applet has been signed by a professional software developers certificate. As such in some browser versions a security warning dialogue may initially pop up informing the user of this fact. This has been necessary so that the sub-menu windows do not contain the "warning applet window" message.
We realise that for some implementations this situation may not be acceptable and as such we have developed a second range of menu applets which do not contain this dialogue. If graphic functionality on the sub-menu's is not important for your implementation then please also see our range of AWT menu's at,

For further information on why applet signing is necessary please see the section "Class, JAR and CAB file" under the Advanced Section.