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Applet Example 3 - Configuration from Text Files

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In this example the applet will acquire both the configuration and graph data from text files.

The configuration data is acquired from the text file areaprops.txt (click here to view)
and the graph data is acquired from the text file areadata.txt (click here to view).

and here is the HTML code,

<applet code="AreaGraphApplet.class" archive="AreaGraph.jar" width="460" height="440">
<!-- Start Up Parameters -->
<PARAM name="LOADINGMESSAGE" value="Area Graph Loading - Please Wait."> <!-- Message to be displayed on Startup -->
<PARAM name="STEXTCOLOR" value="0,0,100"> <!-- Message Text Color-->
<PARAM name="STARTUPCOLOR" value="255,255,255"> <!-- Applet Background color -->

<!-- Data files -->
<PARAM name="chartproperties" value="areaprops.txt">
<PARAM name="chartdata" value="areadata.txt">


For a full explanation of and range of values for the above parameters please see the Documentation - Configuration Options».

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