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Applet Example 8 - Dynamic Interaction

if you do not see the graph below then click here

( Click on the buttons to see the various effects. )
Setting the Graph 'Switches'
Setting the Color Properties
All of the graph properties can be dynamically updated in this manner. Here we demonstrate this by changing grid Background Color property.
Changing the Data
The following buttons will change the Value of various data points


This example demonstrates how other page components can dynamically interact with the graphing applet to change chart properties and data values.

For the full range of Dynamic methods available please see the
Documentation - Dynamic Methods section.

and here is the HTML code for the applet,

(note that the applet has been named, name='GRAPH' and that 'mayscript' has been added to the APPLET tag ),

<applet name="GRAPH" code="SVbarchartApplet.class" archive="SVbarchart.jar" width="400" height="440" mayscript>

<!-- Start Up Parameters -->
<param name="LOADINGMESSAGE" value="Creating Chart - Please Wait.">
<param name="STEXTCOLOR" value="0,0,100">
<param name="STARTUPCOLOR" value="255,255,255">

<param name="chartproperties" value="../../../bar_graph/svbargraph/Examples/barprops.txt">
<param name="chartdata" value="../../../bar_graph/svbargraph/Examples/bardata.txt">



The configuration parameters are taken from the text file ../../../bar_graph/svbargraph/Examples/barprops.txt ( click here to view )
and the graph data is read from the text file ../../../bar_graph/svbargraph/Examples/bardata.txt ( click here to view )


For a full explanation of and range of values for the above parameters please see the Documentation - Configuration Options».

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