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Advanced Java and JavaOne

Advanced Java and JavaOne

Developing Applications with Java and UML

This volume presents a way to build software using the flexibility of Java and the power of UML. It introduces the Synergy Process and provides advice on how to go about establishing a sound project plan, estimate projects with confidence and create a sound design. more >>

Just Java 2 (5th Edition)

Peter van der Linden's newly revised Just Java 2, Fifth Edition adds a good deal of updated material and a lot more personality to an already capable tutorial aimed at the beginning Java developer, preferably with some previous programming experience. more >>

Core Java 2,- Volume I: Fundementals (5th edition)

Ask any experienced Java programmer: Core Java delivers the real-world guidance you need to accomplish even the most challenging tasks. That's why it's been an international best seller for five straight years. Core Java 2, Volume 1 covers the fundamentals of Java 2, Standard Edition, Version 1.3 and includes completely revised discussions of object-oriented Java development, enhanced coverage of Swing user interface components, and much more. more>>

Core Java 2,- Volume II: Advanced Features (5th edition)

The fifth edition of Core Java 2: Volume II--Advanced Features brings a classic Java text up to date for developers tackling JDK 1.3 and 1.4, with a fast-moving and example-based tutorial. Perfect for those who want to learn programming through small, complete demos, this new version is still an excellent choice for mastering the more advanced topics in Java. more >>




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