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Learn JBuilder

Charlie Calvert’s Learn JBuilder is an introduction and examination of JBuilder for intermediate-level programmers. The book covers the JBuilder IDE, including an overview of visual development, the editor, and the debugger. The primary goal is to explain the technology in a clear, concise, and readable manner, as well as to give developers the knowledge they need to take advantage of JBuilder’s many tools.
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Mastering JBuilder

Written by one of the lead architects of JBuilder, this authoritative book uncovers all of the power techniques that developers will need to know in order to build large-scale Java applications Offers readers the most current information in the field, including in-depth coverage of JBuilder 8 Explores distributed applications development, RMI applications, and local and remote debugging Illustrates how to develop, test, and deploy Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) Companion Web site includes source code from the book and useful links with updated information more >>

Borland JBuilder Developer's Guide

JBuilder Developer's Guide provides comprehensive coverage of JBuilder from the practitioner's viewpoint. The authors develop a consolidated application throughout the chapters, allowing conceptual cohesion and illustrating the use of JBuilder to build 'real-world' applications. The examples can be compiled and run under JBuilder Personal edition, a free edition of JBuilder. JBuilder Developer's Guide is not version specific but explains the latest JBuilder 6, 7, and 8 features such as enterprise J2EE application development, CORBA, SOAP, XML tools, Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages/Servlets, and JavaBeans technology. JBuilder repeatedly wins "developer's choice" awards as the best visual tool for developing Java applications. more >>



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