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In this Collection we have put together 14 Great web site enhancing Applets. In buying this Collection you are saving over 40% on the individual prices.

This collections includes,

Horizontal Menu, Professional Edition
Implement a great navigation or product display system with the Horizontal Menu Applet.

Vertical Menu, Professional Edition
Create a professional navigation system with the Vertical Menu Applet.

Tree Menu
Provide a sophisticated Tree style view to your web pages.

Self Sorting Table
Display a table of data with a sort function on each column.

Bar Chart
A Bar Chart applet.

Column Chart
A Column Chart applet.

Line Graph
A Line graph applet.

Pie Chart
A Pie chart applet.

Fading Text Banner
This applet is designed to cycle through messages and fade the text in and out between messages.

Fading Images , Professional Edition
Cycle through images and fade the images in and out between images. This Professional comes with many additional features.

Alternative Menu
Present a menu of items split into different sections.

Scrolling Text
Display many pages of information in just one area of your webpage.

Typewriter Effects
Give your web site an animated feel by cycling through an unlimited amount of messages with a typewriter effect.

3 State Button
Create customized 3 state buttons for your webpages.

In all these applets there are many configurable parameters including background color, fonts, text color, border and titles. Like all our Applets, no knowledge of Java programming is required and with the help and example files supplied you should find these very easy to implement.

Note: These Applets have been programmed using the Java 1.1 environment, which means in general they require a minimum browser version IE4.x or Netscape 4.x.

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