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Advanced Graphs and Charts - Getting Started

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Getting Started

This package contains the graphing software in two forms, Java Applets and Java Servlets. Each are capable of operating completely independently of one another and the choice of which use is largely dependent upon the application requirements.

Graphing Applets - The graph applets are added to a web page via the standard HTML APPLET tags (see below). When a browser encounters a page with the APPLET tag it will download the jar file from the web server and begin execution of that code. ie. with the graphing applets the graphs are rendered in real-time by the client browser.

Graphing Servlets - The Servlet Graphs operate on the Web Server within a Servlet Engine (eg. Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, JRun etc). A graph is added to a page via the standard HTML IMG tag where SRC element is set to the URL of the graphing servlets. When the page is viewed the browser will send the request for the graph to the web server which, in turn, will pass the request to the Servlet Engine and the graphing servlet. The graphing servlet will then dynamically construct the graph image which is then returned back to the browser where it is displayed to the user.

Implementation and Set Up
To add a Graph to a web page one of the following procedures should be followed:-

for Graphing Applets see - Implementing Graphing Applets

for Graphing Servlets see - Implementing Graphing Servlets

Full Documentation
The graphing software is very flexible and contains many powerful features. In addition to a full parameter reference the documentation provides information on Advanced Techniques such as producing dynamic real time graphs directly from data held within databases.

View Documentation here

A series of easy to follow Tutorials have been produced to enable quick development and show some of the more advanced and dynamic applications.

View Tutorials here

Essential Tutorials and Database Methods:-
Demos and Examples
This package contains several demos and examples to provide a quick overview of some of the capabilities of the graph software.

View Examples here

Customisation Service
If you require a feature or graph style beyond what is currently offered by this package then we may be able to produce a special version for you tailored to your requirements.

View Customisation Service Details here

Usage and Licensing
The trial version is fully functional however all resultant graph images will contain a registration message.
Licensed - Upon purchasing a license you will be provided with the licensed version. The graph images produced by the licensed version do not contain any reference or links to

View pricing and licensing information here »

Help and Support

If at any stage you require assistance, help or advice then please feel free contact us via our support pages at:-

JPowered Support »

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