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Welcome to our Java ( especially applets ) site.

Creating a Java Applet can be a very time consuming task but also a lot of fun ! Our programmers have used many languages over the years and find Java the most enjoyable. Although we create all forms of java (applets, servlets, beans, javascript, applications etc.), our developers tell us that creating applets is one their favorite tasks, because the power and flexibility of this programming language allows their creativity to blossom.

Whether you are looking for an applet to plug into your web page or an applet programmer looking for little inspiration then why not check out our pre-built applets. We provide a fully functioning trial version for every applet listed below and the source is also available.

Menu & Navigation applets
Guide your visitors around your site with these applet navigation systems.
New : Professional Menu Applets.

Graphs & Charts
Convey your message instantly, put your statistics in graphical format with these powerful charting applets.

Special Web Effects
These applets utilities the graphical power of java to give stunning special effect functionality. Make a high impact on your visitors with these applets.

Data Display
Need to display numerical data on your web pages then try these.

Want a head start in creating your own Applet ?

Creating an applet from scratch can be a daunting task so why not gain a head start and base your own applet on one of ours. Fully documented Java Source Code is available for all our applets and so by basing your applet on one of ours you will be saving a great deal of time.

Source Code

Free Java Applet

Here are a couple of free applets for you to try,

Scrolling Text Applet - This little applet gives a quick introduction to producing animation and also makes a good web page component.

Font Test Applet - Discover which fonts are available from your virtual machine with this little java applet.

If you require any further information (or even help with an applet coding problem, we are always happy to help where we can) then please feel free to contact us at,

Because we genuinely enjoy our java programming we would like to say a big Thank you to Sun Microsystems Inc for creating this for us all to enjoy.

Java Applets

Menu Collections
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2D / 3D Vertical Bar Graph, version 3.2
Both a server and client side solution, for more details click here.

Advanced Tree Explorer, version 3.8

Graphs and Charts, version 2.1
( Source Code just released - click here !)

Vertical Menu Pro

Fading Images 2 Pro

Advanced Menu Applets & DHTML Javascript.

Advanced Menu Bar

Advanced Pop-up Side Menu

Advanced Floating Menu

Active DHTML Drop Down Menu



Selected Resources


More Applets

More JPowered Applets - Click Here

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