Advanced Graph and Chart Software PHP

In the Vertical Bar Graph below we plot 2 series of data with the first using the left y-axis scales and the second using the right y-axis scale.

By default all data will be set to plot against the left hand y-axis scale. To override this and tell the graph software to plot data against a right hand y-axis scale an additional element is added to the sereisN parameter in the configuration. In this case we tell the graph software to plot series 2 against the right hand scale by adding the value 'right' to the end of the series parameter string:-

series2: #993399|Sales Volume|right|


Here is the IMG tag which invokes the graphing software which dynamically creates the graph image at page load time.

Here we tell the software to load the configuration options from the file configFileMultiScale.txt and the data from the file dataFileMultiScale.txt

Note: the URLs supplied for both the configuration and data are relative URLs. The URLs are relative to the location of the graphing software and NOT this page.

If the graph does not display then see the Troubleshooting guide for details on how to resolve the problem.


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