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2D/3D Pie Chart

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Advanced Options and Techniques
Data Binding »
Connecting to a Database.
JavaScript »
Describes how the Applet version can be used to interact with embedded JavaScript
Dynamic Methods »
The applet form of the graph exposes certain methods which enable both data values and chart properties to be modified by other page components.
Multi-Language Support »
Applet or Servlet »
A discussion designed to help you decide whether to use the Applet (client) or Servlet(server side) form of the graph.
Implementing the Graph
Implementing the Graph Applet »
Adding the graph applet to your web page involves just four simple steps.
Implementing the Servlet »
Implementing the graph servlet is a little more involved but the following instructions should make the process fairly straightforward.
Implementing the Servlet with a Direct Database Bind / Connection »
The Servlet form of the graph is capable of making a direct connection to a database.

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Solutions to Common Problems»
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Common Problems
This section describes and provides solutions to common problems.

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