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Multi-Language / International Character Set Demo

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Method Outline
The configuration parameters and chart data are supplied via two text files (../../pie_chart/Examples/piedatagreek.txt and ../../pie_chart/Examples/piepropsgreek.txt).
The ../../pie_chart/Examples/piepropsgreek.txt file is in Unicode (UTF8) format.

Settings Summary

  • Multi-Language set to UTF8 encoding format.
  • Data acquired from the file ../../pie_chart/Examples/piedatagreek.txt
  • Properties acquired from the file piepropsgreek.txt
  • 3D Graphing Mode set
  • 3D angle set to 40 degrees
  • 3 Pies defined to display sales for 2 products plus a combined pie.
  • Segment Labels turned off and the legend turned on
  • Segment separation utilised for the 2nd pie
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How the Chart was created.
The above chart was inserted into the page with the HTML Code contained in the file,
applet-greek-pie-chart.txt (click to view).

The character encoding was set to "UTF8" via the "charset" parameter,

<PARAM name="charset" value="UTF8">

The chart properties are read from the file,
../../pie_chart/Examples/piepropsgreek.txt (click to view)

The chart data is read from the file,
../../pie_chart/Examples/piedatagreek.txt (click to view)

Further Information
For further information on using International Character sets and Muli-Language support click here

For a full explanation of each parameter see the
"Configuration Options" section of the Documentation.

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