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Printing Pie Chart Demo (applet)

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Method Outline
The configuration parameters and chart data are supplied via two text files (piedata.txt and pieprops.txt).

This is the applet version of the pie chart which may not be printable on some browsers.
The link at the bottom of the chart directs the user to an identical page where the pie image is produced by the Pie Servlet. This page will be printable on all browsers.

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How the Chart was created.
The above chart was inserted into the page with the HTML Code contained in the file,
applet-printing-pie-chart.txt (click to view).

The chart properties are read from the file,
pieprops.txt (click to view)

The chart data is read from the file,
piedata.txt (click to view)

Further Information
For a full explanation of each parameter see the
"Configuration Options" section of the Documentation.

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Common Problems
This section describes and provides solutions to common problems.