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Advanced Treeview Tree Menu

Documentation - Adding the Tree to a Web Page

Adding the Advanced Treeview Tree Menu to your web pages is achieved by the following 4 simple steps:-

  1. Add the Applet Tag to your Web Page »
  2. Adjust the Tree Parameters to produce the 'look and feel' you require »
  3. Create the Node Data file »
  4. Upload the Web Page, Data File and Treemenu.jar file to your web server »

Step 1 - Add the APPLET tag to your Web Page

Open up your page in your web page editor and add the following HTML code where you would like the Tree to appear:-



Step 2 - Adjust the Tree Properties to provide the 'look and feel' you require.

The HTML code added in step 1 contains several parameter values which determine various aspects of the tree like colors, fonts and mode of operation. Adjust the values of these parameters to provide the tree effect you require.

The function and effect of parameter is described in the
Parameters Section - click here »


Step 3 - Create the Node Data File.

The Node Data File is a plain text file which the information for each node on the tree. ie. this is where you specify the contents of the tree.

To create a node data file follow the instructions in the
Node Data Definitions section - click here »

Step 4 - Upload the files to your Web Server.

The final step is to upload your web page, node data file, Icon Images and the Treemenu.jar file to your web server. All of the following should be placed in the same directory on your web server:-

  • Your Web Page
  • Treemenu.jar
  • nodedata.txt
  • the ./iconimages/ folder (and all it's contents)




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