Example 2
Adding Icon Images to the Buttons

In this example we build upon the first example by adding icon images to each of the buttons. Here we will add two images to each button, one to be displayed when the button is in it's normal state and the second to be displayed when the mouse passes over the button. A third image could also be added which would be displayed on a mouse click event. In this case we leave this empty and the mouse click image will default to the mouse over image.

And here is the html code,

<applet code="AWTpopupmenuApplet.class" archive="AWTpopupMenubar.jar" width="360" height="30" mayscript>

<!-- Start Up Parameters -->
<param name="startupmessage" value="Loading data please wait....">
<param name="startBGcolor" value="255,255,255">
<param name="startTXTcolor" value="0,0,0">

<!-- General Applet Parameters -->
<param name="OpenOnClick" value="false">
<param name="BackgroundSound" value="bgsound">

<!-- Root Menu parameters -->
<param name="rootButtonWidth" value="120"> <!-- button width -->
<param name="rootButtonHeight" value="30"> <!-- button height -->
<param name="rootGap" value="0"> <!-- gap between buttons -->
<param name="rootBorderEffect" value="1"> <!-- Border Effect -->
<param name="rootMouseoverEffect" value="2"> <!-- Border Effect mouseover -->
<param name="rootMouseclickEffect" value="2"> <!-- Border Effect mouseclick -->

<!-- Root Menu Button data -->
<!-- Text | Sub ID | Font | url | target | Background Color | Arrow Color | Mouseover Background Color | Mouseover text color | Mouseclick Background Color | Mouseclick text color | Image | mouseover image | mouseclick image | image position | text position | text color | sub menu open sound effect | button click sound effect | status message text -->
<param name="button1" value="Button One| |Helvetica,N,12| | |57,156,255|0,64,128|0,97,193|170,213,255|0,97,193|170,213,255|home|home2| |3,3|30,20|0,64,128| | | ">
<param name="button2" value="Button Two| |Helvetica,N,12| | |57,156,255|0,64,128|0,97,193|170,213,255|0,97,193|170,213,255|online|online2| |3,3|30,20|0,64,128| | | ">
<param name="button3" value="Button Three| |Helvetica,N,12| | |57,156,255|0,64,128|0,97,193|170,213,255|0,97,193|170,213,255|select|select2| |3,3|30,20|0,64,128| | | ">

<!-- Images -->
<param name="image1" value="home|./IconImages/home.gif">
<param name="image2" value="home2|./IconImages/home2.gif">
<param name="image3" value="online|./IconImages/online.gif">
<param name="image4" value="online2|./IconImages/online2.gif">
<param name="image5" value="select|./IconImages/select.gif">
<param name="image6" value="select2|./IconImages/select2.gif">



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