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Step 1 - Add the Banner Software (Applet tag) to your Web Page

To add the applet to your web page you need to insert some html code into your page. To do this open up your web page in your favorite editor and then simply 'Copy & Paste' the code contained within the text box below into your page.

Highlight, Copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl V) this code into your page

Now you need to adjust the parameters (the <param> tags in the this code) to display the banners that you require.

Banners are added with a pair of param tags named "bannerN" and "linkN" where N represents an integer number. For example if you have 3 banners to display then you would have the following parameter names,


The "bannerN" parameter specifies the URL of the banner image.

The "linkN" parameter specifies the URL which you wish this banner image to link to and also the target frame / window

For example lets suppose you have three banner images located at the following URL's,

and each of these banners are to link to the following URL's and be displayed in the current browser window,

your parameters would then be,

<param name="banner1" value="">
<param name="link1" value=",_self">
<param name="banner2" value="">
<param name="link2" value=",_self">
<param name="banner3" value="">
<param name="link3" value=",_self">

Finally there are 4 more properties that may be adjusted,

Banner Transition Speed
This specifies the speed at which the next anner will be moved into position. Range of values are 1 (slow) to 100 (fast).

<param name="Speed" value="50">

Pause Time between Banner
With this parameter adjust the pause duration between banner. The value is a positive integer and represents the number seconds to pause before moving the next banner into position.
Please note: The URL link will only operate whilst the applet is pausing between banners.

<param name="Pause" value="5">

Width and Height
The width and height parameters are part of the <APPLET> tag and determine the area that the applet occupy within your page. You should set these to be the same as your banner image size.

The most common banner size is 468 by 60 and for this you would have,

<applet code="AdvBanner" archive="AdvBanner.jar" width="468" height="60">

You can of course set this to be any size you wish, here are more widely used banner sizes,

<applet code="AdvBanner" archive="AdvBanner.jar" width="468" height="60">

Half Banner - 234 x 60

<applet code="AdvBanner" archive="AdvBanner.jar" width="234" height="60">

Square Banner - 125 x 125

<applet code="AdvBanner" archive="AdvBanner.jar" width="125" height="125">

Vertical Banner - 120 x 240

<applet code="AdvBanner" archive="AdvBanner.jar" width="120" height="240">

Skyscrapers - 120 x 600

<applet code="AdvBanner" archive="AdvBanner.jar" width="120" height="600">


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To access the documentation browse to the Documentation directory and click on the index.htm file or simply click here.

To access the documentation browse to the Examples directory and click on the index.htm file or simply click here.

Licensing & Registration
To view the available licensing options click here.
If you require terms outside the scope of these agreements then please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to discuss alternative arrangements.

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Note: If you are using the evaluation version then a pop-up window will appear upon the startup of the applet. This feature has been removed in the licensed version. Licensing information can be found at


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