Example 1
Basic Menu Bar with three Buttons, just text.

In this first example we have kept the supplied parameters to a bear minimum to first demonstrate the basics of incorporating the menu bar into a web page. Here we simply add the applet to the web page and construct a menu with just three buttons.

And here is the html code,

<applet code="PopupMenuApplet" archive="AdvFloatMenu.jar" width="0" height="0" mayscript>

<param NAME="cabbase" VALUE="AdvFloatMenu.cab">
<param name="Position" value="50,200">

<param name="TitleBar" value="true"> <!-- title bar on/off -->
<param name="Title" value="Example"> <!-- title -->
<param name="TitleTextColor" value="255,255,255"> <!-- text color -->
<param name="TitleBackgroundColor" value="0,0,150"> <!-- background color -->
<param name="TitleFont" value="Helvetica,B,12"> <!-- text font -->

<!-- Menu's -->
<param name="menu1" value="root|120|30|0|255,255,255">

<!-- Item's -->
<param name="item1" value="root| |57,156,255|0,64,128|false|0,97,193|170,213,255|2|0,97,193|170,213,255|0|1| | | |3,3|Item One|30,20|0,64,128|Helvetica,N,12">
<param name="item2" value="root|submenu|57,156,255|0,64,128|false|0,97,193|170,213,255|2|0,97,193|170,213,255|0|1| | | |3,3|Item Two|30,20|0,64,128|Helvetica,N,12">
<param name="item3" value="root| |57,156,255|0,64,128|false|0,97,193|170,213,255|2|0,97,193|170,213,255|0|1| | | |3,3|Item Three|30,20|0,64,128|Helvetica,N,12">