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Advanced Pop Up Side Menu Applet

Welcome to the Advanced Pop-Up Side Menu Bar Applet, version 2.4

With this feature packed and highly customisable Menu Bar you will be quickly adding a great menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more.

Advanced yet both Easy and Quick to implement. No knowledge of java programming is required everything is easily adjusted with simple html parameters.

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Make a professional menu for your site with the Advanced Pop-Up Side Menu Bar ! Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced Pop-Up Side Menu Bar can even execute javascript functions. Source code also available.


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Java Applets - Why we create them

Main Features Summary

Unlimited Buttons and Sub Menus

Button and Menu data can be supplied either from html parameters or text file.

Triple State Buttons

Configurable Mouse Over and Mouse Click effects.

Full url support including window naming and frame targets, ideal for frames environments.

Javascript support.

Sound support.

Unlimited Icon images.

Adjustable Background Colors and Images


Documentation - (to browse click here).
Extensive Documentation giving both a Quick Start section and an in depth explanation of every aspect of the Menu Bar.

Examples - (to browse click here).
Tutorial style examples giving both a great understanding of the capabilities and a good base from which to quickly build your own implementation.

We currently offer three license types which we feel will cover most implementations.
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If you require terms outside the scope of this agreement then please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to discuss alternative arrangements.

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