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Documentation - Multi-Language Support
( International Character Sets )

This release now provides support for Multi-Language International character sets. The character set (encoding) can be specified with the parameter, "charset"

In the applet form the following should be added between the <applet> and </applet> tags.

<param name="charset" value="[encoding name]">

If this parameter is not present then a default value of "8859_1" will be used, which represents Latin Alphabet No.1 (the default for Western English browsers).

Here are some of the more common values,

charset Parameter Description
<param name="charset" value="SJIS"> Shift-JIS, Japanese
<param name="charset" value="Cp1250"> Eastern European
<param name="charset" value="Cp1251"> Cyrillic
<param name="charset" value="Cp1252"> Latin-1
<param name="charset" value="Cp1253"> Greek
<param name="charset" value="Cp1254"> Turkish
<param name="charset" value="Cp1255"> Hebrew
<param name="charset" value="Cp1256"> Arabic
<param name="charset" value="Cp1257"> Baltic
<param name="charset" value="Cp1258"> Vietnamese
<param name="charset" value="Cp874"> Thai
<param name="charset" value="GBK"> Chinese (simplified)
<param name="charset" value="JIS0208"> JIS X 0208, Japanese
<param name="charset" value="EUC_KR"> KSC 5601, EUC encoding, Korean

For the complete list of possible values please click here.


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