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Advanced Scrolling Text

The following examples have been designed to demonstrate the various features of the Advanced Scrolling Text applet. In addition you may like to use them as a base for your own implementation.

Example 1
Using the applet as an advertising tool. Moving text often attracts your visitors eye - enabling you to effectively convey your key selling points.
Example 2
Demo of the applet being used to display snippets from multiple newsletter issues. A great way to save space on your home page.
Example 3
Demonstration of every possible feature and combination effects.
Example 4 - International Character Sets
Here the applet displays some text in Greek, demonstrating the ability to utilise multi-language character sets
Example 5 - Word Wrap and Center Alignment
This example demonstrates the Wrod Wrap and Center alignment features.


Please also take a look at the documentation which is designed to help you gain maximum benefit from this product.

We hope you find the Advanced Scrolling Text Applet easy to insert in your web pages. However if you require help or advice at any stage then please contact us at,

Please remember to tell us the URL of your web page where you are using the applet.

We are always happy to help.


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