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Step 2 - Create the Data File

The Advanced Slide Show software reads all the Slide Images to be displayed from a Plain Text File. If you look at the applet parameters from the previous section you will see that one of them is,

<param name="dataURL" value="data.txt">

Please Note: File names are case sensitive ie. "data.txt" is not the same as "Data.txt".

This specifies the name and location of the data file. In this case the filename is 'data.txt' and is to be found in the current directory (ie. that of your web page).

To create your data file, simply open up your favorite text editor (eg. Notepad) and add the Slide Images you wish to be displayed. Now save the file as 'data.txt' in the same directory as your web page.
(If you choose to use a different filename or location remember to change the 'dataURL' parameter to reflect this.)

In addition to images, the Advanced Slide Show allows you to add to special functions. These are achieved by adding Special Instructions (Tags) within the text file. The possible tags and there function are as follows,

Adding Slides / Images
Slides (images) are added to sequence by the tag,
<IMG [transition option], [imageURL]> tag.

The 'transition option' specifies how you would like this slide to be moved into place. Valid options are,

Value Effect
top from the top
top left from the top left corner
top right from the top right corner
bottom right from the bottom right corner
bottom from the bottom
bottom left from the bottom left
left from the left
right from the right
center Explode from the center
outside from the edge to the center


To have the image 'slide2.gif' appear from the tope left corner you would insert the following tag,

<IMG top left,slide2.gif>

Hyper Link - URL
You can add a link to an area of a slide/image by the addition of the tag <LINK url, frame, left x, top y, right x, bottom y >

To make an area of slide2 clickable and link to the url you would add the following to the data file,


Multplie Link tags may be added to a single slide by simply repeating the <LINK> tag for each required clickable area.

Please Note: Links will only function during the pause time between slides.

Change the Pause time between images
Once the Slide image has scrolled into place the applet will automatically pause by the amount of time specified in the applet parameter 'DefaultPause'. However you can specify a different pause time for any Image by using the tag <PAUSE time>.

To have the slide show paused by 5 seconds at the end of the current Slide Image you would insert the following,


Stopping the Slide Show.
By default once the final slide has been shown the slide show will automatically repeat from first slide. However you can override this and have the slide show stop by inserting the <STOP> command following the final image you wish displayed.



To see each of these tags being used with a real data file please take a look at the examples - click here.


Next Step - Upload to Web Server >>

To access the documentation browse to the Documentation directory and click on the index.htm file or simply click here.

To access the documentation browse to the Examples directory and click on the index.htm file or simply click here.

Licensing & Registration
To view the available licensing options click here.
If you require terms outside the scope of these agreements then please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to discuss alternative arrangements.

Register Now - click here

Note: If you are using the evaluation version then a pop-up window will appear upon the startup of the applet. This feature has been removed in the licensed version. Licensing information can be found at



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