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If you want to build your Internet Business in any profitable niche, you must focus on building your mailing list and sell. Agree? Of course, you do! But it can prove to be quite a challenge especially if you're just starting out with no product, mailing list and established traffic of your own. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but let's not forget you might not have the credibility and reputation established in your niche yet, either Inside This Manual, You Will Discover: Five (5) totally killer profit blueprints you can use in getting massive 10 dollar sales and massive leads for your business on autopilot! How to leverage your marketing efforts on other people and let them do the spreading of the word about you and your business for you - willingly! The single most important incentive that will make people want to help promote your business for you - no questions asked! A little-used profit center you can advantage of within the spaces of your own Info Product! (Hint: you can charge your readers $10.00 each just to enjoy this little privilege in your E-Book and no, it has got absolutely nothing to do with selling advertising space!) How to turn EXE E-Books into powerful viral marketing agents that will go out to work for you in building you your mailing list without you taking part in the process! How to turn your existing Info Products or software into profits just by offering three different levels of usage! The motivating factors that will make other marketers want to take advantage of the features of your product and help you market (even without knowing it sometimes)! How to use "Resell Rights" in your favor and build your mailing list with it - consisting of your customers' customers' customers and so on! The one time-tested back-end profit center you can use to make massive $10.00 sales! How to build your reputation and establish your credibility in the process, And much, much more!

How to build your Internet Business in any profitable niche.

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