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3D Shopping Center for sale! This is the three-dimensional (3D) Internet Shopping Center a new approach to Internet commerce. Unlike many other flat Internet shops, 3D Shopping Center visitors can meet each other, make a purchase together, communicate and just spend time with friends. The Shopping Center with a real three-dimensional World, not fake 3D! The development costs of this product are approximately 100.000Eur. You can become the first 3D Internet shop owner in your country. Check Google for how many Internet shops provide goods for your area 100? 1000? 5000? They all do it in a similar way and a new Internet shop have a little chance to stand out against them. Here is such a possibility! - mass-media will love to publish news about you free of charge and visitors will share a new experience with friends. We offer the real 3D Internet Shopping Center, not fake 3D, with 3 floors, which have the space for more than 100 shops and also special space for advertisements! You can launch this project and make business by letting shopping space for stores and for advertisement. For advertisement purposes you also can use the website, which we also provide to you along with 3D Shopping centre free of charge. You get into your possession the original and professional product. Project is ready to start. Our team of professional Software developers are proud of this project! The Software includes: Client side, written on Java Server side Software Web site Administrative part for shops, with CMS Installation and Operational Manuals Due to its uniqueness the 3D Internet Shopping Center is a good investment after a year this new business will costs tens and hundreds thousands of dollars and will be one of the very first in the World the complete 3D Shopping Centers. WHAT YOU GET - Innovative, fully developed, professionally designed online Shopping Center - complete 3D virtuality - social network for your online buyers - the complete statistics of visits and sales - installations instructions and files, which make easy the installation for your technicians - our technicians can install the Shopping Center for you* - we can provide also the hosting for your 3D Shopping Center* * - services for additional fee HOW TO EARN Like the real brick&mortar; Shopping Center rent the space for many other shops. Your Shopping Center will allow many companies to enter the online business in the modern innovative Shopping Center. Sell yourself participate in Amazon and eBay (they are largest) affiliate programs, fill your shops with their featured items and earn up to 50% of their revenue! Provide the advertisement possibilities in 3D Shopping Center and use Google Adsense on your Shopping Center website and earn on it. Requirements for Server The Server where you are going to host the 3D Shopping Center must have following services: - Apache 2.2 (or higher), MySql 5.0 (or higher), Java Server (diablo latte JRE, Sun Microsystems JRE, etc). We also can provide the appropriate Server for your needs (see Hosting). You'll get the full access to a powerful server with wide bandwidth connection to Internet. Additional Services You also can hire our professionals for additional services: the complete or partial installation of 3D Shopping Center on your server and required server configuration rebranding of Shopping Center according to your wishes changes of Shopping Center design and scheme of Shopping Center hosting of 3D Shopping Center on our server

New approach to a online commerce and entertainment.

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Platform Windows 95/98/ME

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Mac,Linux,Other Desktop,Windows XP,OS X - Macintosh,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista

System Requirements The Server where you are going to host the 3D Shopping Center must have following services: - Apache 2.2 (or higher), MySql 5.0 (or higher), Java Server (diablo latte JRE, Sun Microsystems JRE, etc).

Date added 19 Jun 2009

Last Updated 24 Jan 2011

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