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ActivDesk is a help desk software solution that you install on your web site. Customer communication is handled with ActivDesk's ticketing system. Customers post support tickets from your web site via ActivDesk. You or your support staff are then informed about new support tickets by email. Clicking on the link in the email takes you to the ActivDesk control panel where replies can be posted. All support tickets provides you with detailed information of customer tickets and previous tickets. Replying is easy as everything needed to send an effective response is there. No sifting through previous emails or correspondence because everything is there in one place. Having all this information available also makes it easy when multiple people needs to serve a single customer as everything needed to send effective responses are there.

The high degree of organization provided by ActivDesk provides a streamlined, easy flow of information & communication - even if you are dealing with hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of customers at a time.

Support Tickets that has been resolved can be copied to the built-in knowledge base. The knowledge base can then provide solutions to your customers from your web site that has already been addressed.

Effectively communicating with your customers will improve sales, improve productivity, ensure return customers and create 'good will' towards your customers. Effective communication can be thought of a secret ingredient for any successful business.

	ActivDesk is a feature rich web based help/support desk system that can be installed on your web site. In today's information age, your customers deserve and demand great customer support. ActivDesk has been designed for this from start to finish, no matter how demanding the task. Manage support requests & questions from customers with ease in an organized and professional manner. ActivDesk also eliminates any spam related problems when dealing with customers or potential customers. It comes with fully customizable customer control panels, admin panel, support staff access levels, knowledge base functionality and many more.</p>

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Date added 28 May 2012

Last Updated 12 Oct 2012


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