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AdvEdit is an integrated web development environment with code explorer, built-in file browser, built-in ftp, keyword help system, and syntax highlighting for the following markup/programming languages: HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, C++, and Pascal. With AdvEdit, you can (1) quickly resume working on a project at the point you left it or switch between multiple projects; (2) synchronize the content of a website with the content of the local project folder; (3) structure large documents and navigate within them using code explorer. AdvEdit facilitates testing html documents in browsers, validating html and css documents, archiving projects, and other common tasks.

Integrated web development environment

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Platform Windows XP

Operating Systems Windows XP,Windows Vista

Date added 20 Nov 2006

Last Updated 24 Jan 2011

Tags development editor environment highlight syntax web

Ilya S. Lyubinskiy

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