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Here's what you'll get: - Amazing Web Tool #1 Instant Site Maker ($34.95 Retail) (Quickly create stunning web pages in less than 5 minutes.) Amazing Web Tool #2 Instant Affiliate Link Masker ($34.95 Retail) (Stops you from losing your hard earned affiliate commission.) Amazing Web Tool #3 Instant Email Scramble ($34.95 Retail) (Stop email harvesting in its tracks!) Amazing Web Tool #4 Popup Generator! ($34.95 Retail) (Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Popups So Easy, A Child Can Do It!) Amazing Web Tool #5 Java Script Magic ($97.00 Retail) ("Supercharged Web Design At The Touch Of A Button" Amazing Web Tool #6 Instant BookMark ($34.95 Retail) (Let visitor bookmark your site with just 1 click!) Amazing Web Tool #7 Affiliate Defender ($19.95 Retail) (Affiliate Defender CLOAKS Your Affiliate Links So No One Can Steal From You!) Amazing Web Tool #8 Instant Meta Maker ($34.95 Retail) (Boost your search engine ranking! ) Amazing Web Tool #9 Defend Your Domain ($27.95 Retail) (Defend Your Domain from Hackers! Amazing Web Tool #10 Popup Power & Hit Exchanges Combo ($27.95 Retail) (How to Really Work the Hit Exchanges & How to Get More Than One Hit per Click ) Amazing Web Tool #11 Instant Site Safe ($34.95 Retail) (Don't let other sites steal your content!) Amazing Web Tool #12 Vend-O-Matic ($34.95 Retail) (Automatically Build Profit Generating Web Vending Pages)

"Super-Charge Your Web Site At The Touch Of A Button"

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Platform Windows 95/98/ME

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista

Date added 1 Jan 2008

Last Updated 24 Jan 2011

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