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With Book Bag, you can have a list of all of the books that you have read when heading out to the bookstore or library. Simply tap on an author to see a list of titles, the year published and if you have read the book or not.

With the ability to import author/title files that you can download from the Book Bag Library, getting your list setup is a breeze.

Bonus: Receive the comparable desktop version free with your purchase.

Features include:

Import author/title files that you can create on your desktop or download from The Book Bag Library
Add, edit and delete individual entries
Automatic sort by author
Sort lists by title, year or read
Create as many databases as you like
Export individual author files as text
Easy data entry
Complete help file
Complete setup and uninstall

For Pocket PC 2003/2005 (Windows Mobile)

Buy ( $20.00 USD )

Platform WindowsCE

Operating Systems WindowsCE,PocketPC

System Requirements Pocket PC 2003/2005

Date added 17 Nov 2003

Last Updated 11 May 2012

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