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Professional importing just got easier with CSV 2 POST Plus - Now has WYSIWYG Editor! WYSIWYG a post layout with styles, setup campaigns with settings that configure automated custom field creation, automated category creation, keyword, description and tags creation with the ability to tweek them. Select full, staggered or scheduled processing to suit your exact needs and much more! CSV 2 POST Plus makes data import on WordPress a dream! Upload your csv file and begin importing data within minutes, seach CSV 2 POST on YouTube for videos. CSV 2 POST Plus has an online demo. Please visit demo.csv2post.com! My plugin suits all needs because it is highly flexable so when you start wondering if it will do what you need it too the chances are it will, if not I'll upgrade it! You can use special functions for custom post url's and not the default ones, randomise post date so they are not all the same as the import data, automatically create all your custom fields with the right names, auto create categories at 3 levels deep with a parent and 2 levels of sub categories and to make it more fun I added a WYSIWYG Editor. This plugin is perfect for beginners or pro's because I've added so much intelligent automated settings but you can also customise it by adding your own php, its just amazing! My aim is to make importing fun, easy and professional so that your blogs have the highest SEO, look great and you are in full control of your importing every step of the way. CSV 2 POST Functions List * Create new blogs in a few hours with over 100,000 products and pages. * Create a thousand new posts in minutes with maximum SEO. * Works in any version of WordPress including MU. * Request upgrades and customisation for free! * No programming skills required to use this plugin. * Works great on ClassiPress blogs and all other themes too. * Insert images and links to your posts (soon videos and google maps!). * Create, configure and manage import campaigns. * Import any quality csv file data including affiliate feeds. * SEO plugins supported and being improved to help beat the rest! * Use a custom post name/url/slug to maintain existing url structures. * Also use a custom data column to make post dates different. * Automatic category creation of up to 4 levels of parent and child categories. * Automatically create custom fields using all your data. * No need to edit csv file to make it work with csv 2 post. * Optional automatic meta data including keywords and description. * Supports automatic creation of tags. * Everything apart from customising done via interface. * Selection of full import, staggered (per blog hit) or scheduled using wordpress cron.

WordPress number one csv and affiliate data feed import plugin!

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Platform Windows 95/98/ME

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/ME,Mac,Other Desktop,Windows XP,Windows Vista

System Requirements WordPress 2.5 or better

Date added 28 Sep 2009

Last Updated 24 Jan 2011

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