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Free Java Applets

Free Java Applets

Real Freeware
These products are NOT Trial ware or Evalware - but fully functioning versions which are Free for you to use however you wish, making them truly Freeware products.

Download the Free Java Applet Package
  • Free Scrolling Text
  • Free Tree Menu
  • Free Java Game - Alien War
  • Free Java Game - A220 Mission 1

Zip File Instructions

Once downloaded, unpack the zip file and begin by reading the "GettingStarted.htm" document.

Having Trouble viewing Applets in your Browser ?
To check whether your browser is Java Enabled and instructions on how to enable Java for your browser see the Enabling Java page »
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By placing a small text link to us you are helping to increase our popularity. As our popularity increases we will be releasing more of our software for free use.

As you will have no doubt discovered, most free software is of low/poor quality. Not ours, these are cut down versions of our licensed software which you will find on the rest of this site. As such they conform to all our standard quality and testing procedures.

Why give away Quality Software
Our primary reason is to introduce more web site owners to the enhanced viewing experience that can be given to visitors by utilising Java Applets and Jpowered products. By providing you with this functionality today for Free, our hope is, that as your business and web site grows, that you will remember us and one day come back and purchase some of our more sophisticated software.

We welcome and encourage the redistribution of these Free products. The only condition is that the software zip file must be redistributed in it's entirety and that you do not claim ownership of the code. So if you know of someone who would also find these products useful then please pass them on.

If you experience any difficulties with these products or simply require further information then we are always happy to help. However please be aware that priority is given to our registered users and therefore during busy periods, freeware support may take a little longer - click here