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International Character Sets and Multi-Language Support

This release now provides support for Multi-Language International character sets. The character set (encoding) can be specified with the parameter, "charset"

In the applet form the following should be added between the <applet> and </applet> tags.

<param name="charset" value="[encoding name]">

In the servlet form the parameter should be added to the IMG tag, eg.

<img src="[ServletEngineURL]/LineGraphServlet?
charset=[encoding name]"
width="500" height="420">

If this parameter is not present then a default value of "8859_1" will be used, which represents Latin Alphabet No.1 (the default for Western English browsers).

Please Note: This parameter is only valid where the data is provided via a text file or server side process.

There are two methods by which International Characters can be used:-

1) Unicode - If the data files are encoded using Unicode (rather than ASCII) then the charset parameter should be set to a value of "UTF8", eg.

<PARAM name="charset" value="UTF8">

2) Specify a particular Character Set to use - see the table below

The following table shows some of the more common values for the charset parameter:-

charset ParameterDescription
<param name="charset" value="SJIS">Shift-JIS, Japanese
<param name="charset" value="Cp1250"> Eastern European
<param name="charset" value="Cp1251"> Cyrillic
<param name="charset" value="Cp1252"> Latin-1
<param name="charset" value="Cp1253"> Greek
<param name="charset" value="Cp1254"> Turkish
<param name="charset" value="Cp1255"> Hebrew
<param name="charset" value="Cp1256"> Arabic
<param name="charset" value="Cp1257"> Baltic
<param name="charset" value="Cp1258"> Vietnamese
<param name="charset" value="Cp874"> Thai
<param name="charset" value="GBK"> Chinese (simplified)
<param name="charset" value="JIS0208"> JIS X 0208, Japanese
<param name="charset" value="EUC_KR"> KSC 5601, EUC encoding, Korean
For the complete list of possible values please click here
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