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Documented Java Code

by jpowered
We provide fully documented code for all our products. With our java source code you will be able to add your own functionality to the already feature packed java code. more..

Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language

by Sun MicroSystems Inc
This Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language document contains the standard conventions that we at Sun follow and recommend that others follow. It covers filenames, file organization, indentation, comments, declarations, statements, white space, naming conventions, programming practices and includes a code example. more...

Code Samples

by Sun MicroSystems Inc
This is a master index of Java programming language code samples organized by topic. Your browser's built-in search function in the Edit menu can also help you locate topics. more...

Coding Standards for Java

by AmbySoft Inc.
Whenever I start working with a new language one of the first things that I try to do is determine what coding standards and guidelines for that language exist. When I first started working with Java in the Autumn of 1995 I couldn't find any. When I went looking again a year later I found some, listed later in this web page, but they weren't sufficient for my needs. The information that I found was fairly good, for the most part, but some of it was contradictory and none of it was complete. Furthermore, some of the papers were not based on sound software engineering principles, but were instead oriented towards banging out code very quickly. Because I believe in writing code that is easy to understand, to maintain, and to enhance I decided that I needed to put together a standards and guidelines document for Java coding. I also decided to share it with you, so here it is in its entirety for you to download. more...

Java Code Snippets

by Acknowledge Technologies
All the Java Snippets have been written, compiled and tested by Acknowledge. We hope you find them useful. more..





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