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Font Definitions

Within the graph, fonts are defined by three components separated by a , character,

Font Face - Specifies the Type face
Font Style - Specifies the style ( plain, bold or italic )
Font Size - Specifies the size in pixels.

Font Face
The font faces available can vary from machine to machine however the following values are almost always available,


Please note the type face names are case sensitive, i.e.. courier is not the same as Courier.

Font Style
The font style can be plain, bold, italic or Bold and Italic which are represented as follows,

plain - N
bold - B
italic - I
bold and italic - BI

Font Size
Font sizes are represented by integer numbers relating to the point size. Generally the size can range from 6 to 44.

12 point Courier, plain would be represented by "Courier,N,12"
10 point Helvetica, italic would be represented by "Helvetica,I,10"
12 point TimesRoman, bold would be represented by "TimesRoman,B,12"
14 point Sansserif, bold and italic would be represented by "SansSerif,BI,14"


For Multi-Language and Alternative Character Set support please click here.


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