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Advanced Graph & Chart Collection

Easily add great looking graphs and charts to web pages and applications. more>>

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stacked vertical bar graph for php
Horizontal Bar Graph » horizontal bar graph for php
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most Popular Java Applets

Advanced Tree Menu

Add a great tree style navigation aid to your web site with this java Tree Menu.
more >>
Advanced AWT Menu Bar

Add a classic style drop down menu bar to your web site.
more >>
Scrolling Text and News Scroller
Display a large amount of information within a single area of your web page with the
Advanced Scrolling Text applet.
more >>

Online Surveys

Advanced & easy to use Survey software for both professional and beginner.

Whether you create a simple one page form or a complex multi-page questionnaire with branching and routing logic the AbExtra Survey system Makes it Easy for you.

more »


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Web Site Hit Counter and Visitor Tracker
With this service you will discover,

  • Web Sites Referring Visitors
  • Search Engines sending Hits to you
  • Keywords people use to find you
  • Valuable information about your visitors eg. Browser, Screen Size, Color Depth, Nationality, Language and much more.

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Software Products

Graphing and Charting
Graph & Chart Collection
Pie Chart and Graph
Line Graph
Vertical Bar Graph
Stacked Vertical Bar Graph
Horizontal Bar Graph
Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph
Area Graph
*new* PHP Line Graph »
*new* PHP Stacked V Bar Graph »
*new* PHP Vertical Bar Graph »
*new* PHP Area Graph »
*new* PHP Horizontal Bar Graph »
*new* PHP Stacked H Bar Graph »
Java Bean API
Vertical Bar Graph
Data Display
Data Grid Control
Menu and Navigation
Treeview Tree Menu
AWT Menu Bar
AWT Side Menu Bar
AWT Floating Menu
Active DHTML Drop Down Menu
Advanced Menu Bar
Advanced Side Menu
Advanced Floating Menu
Date and Time
JPOW Calendar
Presentation Tools
Presentation Tools Collection
Scrolling Text News Scroller
Advanced Slide Show
Advanced Banner Rotation
Typewriter Text Effects
Fading Images 2
Fading Text Banner
Scientific and Educational
Abacus GeomDraw
Math Writer
Java Games
Java Games for Mobile / Cell Phones
Alien War
A220 Mission 1
Adventure Castle
Free Java Software
A220 Mission 1
Alien War
Free Tree Applet
Free Scrolling Text Applet

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